Have cat, will earn

Cat_InternetCeleb_pg108                     IMG_0057

It had to happen. Patricia Carlin, who wrote the indispensable How to tell if your boyfriend is the Anti-Christ (and if he is, should you break up with him?) has written a book called How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity: A Guide to Financial Freedom.

Cat = Income, it seems, if you know how to brand and market.

As the owner of an exceptionally beautiful cat, when she saw this Gert leapt off the couch like said cat to the sound of the tin-opener and went galumphing down the corridor to order the book. Now to set the plan in motion.



6 thoughts on “Have cat, will earn

  1. Yes, the lovely grey-paws with the blue eyes is Celie, also known as Bella and Mrs Fatitudinous. As a friend said, “Dear Celie, never a bad angle”. She does have a bad angle though – when seen in silhouette heading down the corridor she looks like a laden packhorse. But surely that won’t be a barrier to her earning capacity.

    Are you happy about your prize?

    1. Overwhelmed. We were just finishing up the dishes after a dinner party (it’s 11:18 p.m. here), and in between drying the silver and storing away the rest of the fig galette, I was trying to persuade my husband Jim that a trip to Nar Nar Goon should rise to the top of his bucket list. Not sure that I’ve been successful. We’ve been planning to go walk along the Thames from Oxford to London this fall,and it looks like Nar Nar Goon may have to wait until next year.That will give us more time to explore the features of the war horse museum and the grass-fed cattle ranches, and see about tickets to a football game.

      And I do hope that I’ve contributed in some small way to the developing genre of exceptionally awful fathers. My deepest thanks —

        1. We would be interested to hear more about their experience. I have to figure out lodging and bag transport sometime soon. Just met someone a couple of days ago here who lived in London a long time and did sections of it — I suppose we could do day-trips from London each day – perhaps I should think about it in those terms.

          Liked the review of your book, and am liking the book itself (on my Kindle, with which I am not good friends yet).

    2. Fetching, I think, is the word to describe Celie, and she seems to know it well. I don’t see how you can miss.

      Our Quaxo on the other hand has never gotten over his early misfortunes before he was dropped off at my sister-in-law’s farm some years back, and will likely never gain the self-confidence needed for a real star.

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