His Futile Preoccupations

Guy Savage on his blog His Futile Preoccupations has given  Writing is Easy a wonderful review.  You  can read it here


Some other reviews are at


8 thoughts on “His Futile Preoccupations

  1. Just spent a weekend at a writers’ conference, not quite like the “Writing Is Easy” workshop, and kept a sharp eye out for familiar faces. I didn’t spot either Marcus or Lillian, so they must have been otherwise engaged. Sadly, William did not give our cooks any chef-ly advice, but the setting, the instructors and the company made up for it.

    1. Marcus and Lilian have definitely given up the workshop gigs. I hope the advice was just as helpful and that you can bring yourself to cut some of the dames out of your work.

  2. Linguistic niceties…no, on reflection it is not quite the same as “leave it to us”, which suggest we’ll actually do something about it as opposed to mulling it over.
    Will definitely pursue these noir haiku

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