Buns, honey, sugar and Wittgenstein*

Wittgenstein_notes_1914      bear__6179726305     Wittgenstein’s notes

And following on the bear theme, Gert has been thinking about one of her favourite childhood books, Elizabeth Gorell’s The Bear Bus, in which the earnest young bear Stubbins decides to keep a notepad by his bed so that he can record the good ideas he has in the night. When he wakes up he sees what he’s written:

Buns,honey, sugar.   Sugar, buns, honey.

All writers will have had the experience jotting of down a brilliant idea in the night, only to find in the morning that it’s distinctly Stubbinsesque.

Gert has also had the more surreal experience of dreaming a complete and sparkling short story, all the time conscious that it is not possible to write this story down. The story shines in all its intricate completeness on the other side of a gap between thought and language.

Is this just a higher-level version of the Stubbins effect?


Photo credit:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/hills_alive/6179726305




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