Exit Gert, pursued by a bear

Adam Mars-Jones has given Edward St Aubyn’s Lost for Words a right old kicking in the latest LRB (vol 36 no 9 8 May 2014) :  off the peg and strangely skewed…into the badlands of travesty or burlesque.. In the absence of dramatic plausibility there must at least be comic verve….

But the unkindest cut of all is what he has to say about satire as a form:

it isn’t a genre that appeals much to women as practitioners or even consumers…

the impure nature of satire itself, which appeals almost exclusively to the dark side…

this low-minded, rancorous genre…

Ouch!  Off Gert slinks to lick her wounds…


4 thoughts on “Exit Gert, pursued by a bear

  1. Good Lord Chicken Woman, “he’s got Buckleys””? Are you a closet Aussie?

    As to Adam himself his last two books are very very (very) big. We haven’t yet decided whether life is long enough…

    1. It was in “writing is Easy” and I had to look it up. Wikipedia has got a positively charming photo of Mr. Buckley [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Buckley_(convict)], and has this to say about his death: “Falling off his gig.” Now I have to look that up too, unless you are willing to let me in on the jargon.

  2. He looks more monkey than man in that picture. Normally you see him with fine whiskers. A gig was a carriage pulled by a single horse, a bit like the things racing jockeys ride in. Very few of us in Aus go about in them now so gig-related deaths are blessedly few.

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