Golden Koala award



A Golden Koala award to Chicken Lady of Locust Lane for her tireless research into Nar Nar Goon, in preparation for the bus trip she won in our Literary Genres competition (see earlier posts).  It  has been noted at the highest levels. The marching band is already practising The Star Spangled Banner and there will be a Sarah Palin lookalike contest.

3 thoughts on “Golden Koala award

  1. Chicken Lady has just finished hours of reading “What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim,” a book about the Camino de Santiago highly recommended by Gert Loveday, and returned to her computer in the non-Camino world to find that she is the recipient of the Golden Koala Award. She is overwhelmed to think that Nar Nar Goon has already played such an important role in her life. Although she is certainly not a candidate for the Sarah Palin look-alike contest, she did sit in front of Governor Palin when both of us were returning from work in Juneau, and so can offer some insight into what she actually looked like in those quieter days.

    My deepest thanks to Gert Loveday for this unexpected honor, and I will continue my research into Nar Nar Goon and its surroundings in order to prepare for our visit there.

  2. “What the psychic…” seems to fit into the “Silly old me, thank God” genre, don’t you think?
    Your connection with Governor Palin will only add to your lustre when you appear in Nar Nar Goon.

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