The nasty side of Goldilocks


Hey you

Baby Bear

I’ve got news for you


après moi

the Dog With Eyes As Big As Millwheels

to batter the kitten


the Billy Goats Gruff

to wipe out the potplants



to hold the night over your face…

me, I’m just a kid like you

but I know a thing or two


stick with me, and it’s porridge all the way


and it’s goodbye Mummy Bear


goodbye Daddy Bear

hello Grimm

and no fairy tales

6 thoughts on “The nasty side of Goldilocks

  1. I could never accept that the soldier became rich and happy on the basis of killing an old woman, or that such solid citizens as dogs would be complicit in it. No morality in fairy tales!

    1. Hans Christian Anderson had a strange view of justice, in many of his stories. The soldier killed a lot of other folks as well — but on the other hand, he knew what it was to not have a shilling, and so he gave away all of his money or spent it on generous parties — so hard to complain about that. But it definitely was egregiously unfair to the witch.

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