5 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. Gert, you have my tarot cards! Though I’m not quite sure what you’re doing with them. Conjuring up some magic? I don’t believe you’re going into the fortune telling business. And I don’t know how many of your readers recognise these cards as belonging to the ‘Rider-Waite’ deck, though they should be called after their designer, Pamela Smith. Smith collaborated with WB Yeats on theatrical designs and published her own magazine before falling into obscurity and dying penniless. There’s a lesson there…

  2. What a fascinating piece of information. I’ve never heard of the Rider-Waite deck or of Pamela Smith. Have you checked to see you still have your Tarot cards or have they been magicked away?

    1. Pam Smith is one of that long list of forgotten, or half forgotten female artists. I came across her as part of my research for this mystery I’m writing. (One of the characters is a spirit medium.) My research also called for me to learn to read the cards. What diversions we create for ourselves!

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