The cats’ reply




In Tales from The Owl on April 4th we posted a poem that was considered offensive by many cats we know.  They have demanded a right of reply, and here it is, just as delivered by our next-door tabby Dante, their spokescat.

What is he doing, feathering about the place?

hopping and twitching, kicking dirt into my face?

and why does he shrill so offensively

when I examine him intensively?


What purpose is served by his beady eyes and beak?

They make me want not only to give him a tweak

but a biffing, a boffing, a cuffing and a duffing

and out of him thoroughly to knock the stuffing.


If cats went on like that, blocking up the sky,

tweeting and twerping, pooing on passers-by

humans would not only show no toleration

but would declare us a nuisance, a plague and a pestilation.


I will continue to pursue him remorselessly

using my wits to do it forcelessly.

When showdown comes, take this for Nature’s law

When brain and paw meet beak and claw, the winner will be paw!


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