Why write?


From George Plimpton’ s The Writers’ Chapbook (Viking, 1989):

I can’t do anything else. I have always regretted getting involved with literature right up to my neck. I would have preferred to have been a monk; but , as I said, I was torn between wanting fame and wishing to renounce the world.  Eugene Ionesco ( 36)

It seems as if I was fated to write….Which is horrible.  But I can only do one thing….I was interested in beauty – cosmetics –  but when I tried to make a face cream it blew up.   Jean Rhys (43)

…writing is fun.  That’s the reason you do it, because you enjoy it ….You do it for exactly the same reason that you paint pictures or play with the kids. Frank O’Connor (43)

Image: http://public-domain.zorger.com

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