Lurv it, lurv it


Gert has a friend who swears she knew a woman in the States who used to say, instead of “Thank you”, or “That’s good,” or “I like that”,

Lurv it, lurv it great to be alive!

That’s exactly what Gert thought when she woke up this morning just before light to the song of the Australian magpie, one of the loveliest sounds the earth has to offer, a sound that touches even the leathern heart of Gert when she’s overseas and thinking of Oz.

Here’s a YouTube clip that gives some idea. The magpie is also a mean mimic.



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5 thoughts on “Lurv it, lurv it

  1. My mother had many magpie friends – the first called Mickey, and then many generations of sons of Mickey after that. Each used to come and sing for her, taught and encouraged by their parents.


    1. “They’re cunnin’ ” as our window-cleaner once said of dogs. I have another friend whose mother had maggie friends like this. They got quite demanding about the timetable for their titbits.


  2. I lived in Canberra for 30 years, where magpie attacks are legendary – the NSW black-backed magpie is reputed to be more savage than the Victorian white-backed. These attacks gave rise to great inventiveness in the matter of headgear.


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