Guardian First Book Award

Fiona McFarlane’s unforgettable The Night Guest has been longlisted among 6 works of fiction and  5 of non-fiction for The Guardian First Book Award 2014. Among the others Gert will be looking out for are the novel We are not ourselves, by Matthew Thomas, and the non-fiction works The Iceberg by Marian Coutts and Do no harm by neurosurgeon Henry Marsh.

The full list is here:


4 thoughts on “Guardian First Book Award

    1. You were the one who alerted me to it, Dorothy, with your review. I’ve been looking on your website to find a link to it but couldn’t. Could you put one up here if the review is available to read online?

  1. I didn’t review ‘The Night Guest’ myself, but read a thought-provoking review by Lucy Sussex on The Sydney Review of Books site. I re-read the ending of the novel last night – not a good time to do so because it’s so – ‘spooky’ isn’t quite the right word – but you know what I mean.

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