Poets: tell us your favourite winter poems


Following Dorothy Johnston’s suggestion after our Wallace Stevens post, Gert spent yesterday afternoon trawling her poetry books for poems about winter.

Here’s her list of favourites, including Dorothy’s choice of Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson.  The northern hemisphere definitely does winter better, but the Australian classic South of my days leapt on to the list.

We’d love to hear from our poet followers (from anyone, in fact) with suggestions for great winter poems, especially in other languages. Australia is coming out of winter and the northern hemisphere heading towards it, so what better way to spend an afternoon? If we get enough suggestions we’ll make a Winter Poems page.


How like a winter hath my absence been


Robert Frost Stopping by woods on a winter evening

Whose woods these are I think I know


Emily Dickinson There’s a certain slant of light


It sifts from leaden Sieves


Coleridge Frost at Midnight

The Frost performs its secret ministry


Judith Wright South of my days

South of my day’s circle, part of my blood’s country


Wallace Stevens The Snow Man

One must have a mind of winter


Jacques Reda Janvier

Ce que j’aime en hiver c’est l’elan nu des branches

(What I love in winter is the naked thrust of branches)


Louise Gluck End of winter

Over the still world, a bird calls


W.S. Merwin Dusk in Winter

The sun sets in the cold without friends


Tu Fu Snow storm

Tumult, weeping, many new ghosts.



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