11 thoughts on “Tales from The Owl

  1. Apropos of entirely nothing, I was wondering if you in particular and Aussies in general have a perspective on the Scottish situation. We’ve a cousin in Nottingham who went to great lengths to acquire UK citizenship some years ago, and he seems deeply distraught by the Scots’ apparent wish for independence — feels that it won’t be the UK that he signed on for if Scotland’s gone. Does anyone in Australia care much?

    1. I would say most Aussies don’t care or even know. There are a lot of people of Scottish ancestry though and I’ve seen a few opinion pieces that generally seem to be in favour of independence. An Australian radio broadcaster, Norman Swan, who is from Glasgow originally, had an interesting report the other day- he’s in Glasgow visiting family and said that older people are unanimously voting “No” because worried about their pensions and about the economic implications, given that 2 of the big banks have said they’ll move their headquarters to London. A lot of questions too about membership of the EU and about the currency that are making people dubious. He said that if there had been a third option “devolution of more power to Scotland” it would have won, and that seems to be happening de facto anyway as the British govt gets scared. We lived in Britain for some years in the 90’s and still get the Guardian Weekly and Private Eye, so we’re interested. Amused also to see Boris Johnson will be back in parliament next year. There is character in one of our books based on him so it will be fun if he is PM or leader of the Tories when the book comes out.
      (The Owl will be very unhappy at his page being hijacked for trivial matters like this.)

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