Gert is something of a grammar Nazi so she laughed quite a lot when she read the brilliant David Foster Wallace outing himself as a SNOOT (Syntax Nudniks Of Our Time)

We combine a missionary zeal and a near-neural faith in our beliefs’ importance with a curmudgeonly hell-in-a-handbasket despair at the way English is routinely defiled by supposedly literate adults…a fellow SNOOT I know likes to say that listening to most people’s English feels like watching someone use a Stradivarius to pound nails. We are the Few, the Proud, the More or Less Constantly Appalled at Everyone Else.

Consider the Lobster (Abacus Press 2005) p. 71


Image: http://www.oldbookillustrations.com/pages/man-reading-mail.php?ing=en


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