Crane Mansions reviews


Phew, what a plot! And that’s just the tip of a substantial iceberg. Gert Loveday’s done it again, with a gloriously convoluted (but easy to follow) series of mishaps and misunderstandings all rolled up into a fantastical package: Crane Mansions.

You can read Bridget Kulakauskas’ review here:

Thanks Bridget.  You’re our dream reader.

Dorothy Johnston has also given us a great review : Wild, whacky and delicious


6 thoughts on “Crane Mansions reviews

  1. Great review – congratulations! I’ve started Crane Mansions and am loving it! I wanted to post a comment on the review site, but it seems you have to sign up first and I’m not sure how to do this.

  2. Really happy that you like Crane. As I’ve said to you before, it is very dear to our hearts. Re comments on Bridget’s site, I had the same problem when she first reviewed ‘Writing is Easy’ and she said that she had disabled comments. But thanks for trying.

    1. Hi Gert — got a chance to read “Crane Mansions” on the flight back from London to Seattle. It was the perfect combination of story and setting. Here’s the link (I think) to the Amazon review.

      Crane Mansions
      ~Gert Loveday

      5.0 out of 5 stars Crane Mansions: A Cake a Day . . ., October 12, 2014
      By Teri

      “Crane Mansions: A novel about the redeeming power of cake (Kindle Edition)
      You might think that this was a tale of boarding schools, and a young orphan girl trapped in a most peculiar school where the headmaster and the teachers take their cues from the warblings and waddlings of pigeons. Or perhaps a story of the deliciously tawdry and villiainous Trish who re-invents herself again and again, as needed to make her way in the world. But at its heart it is a tale of cakes — sponge cakes, lemon cakes, cakes delicate and frothed with cream.

      Following her insightful “Writing Is Easy,” Gert Loveday starts “Crane Mansions” with a decidedly darker setting, reminiscent of Roald Dahl and Charles Dickens. I read most of this on the flight home from London to the West Coast. It was perfectly suited to eliminate the claustrophobia of a tightly-packed jet, and our fortnight in England provided the sense of a setting for the cake and pigeons drama to unfold. Alas, I couldn’t easily seek out a place to make all of these intriguing confections because I was stuck on a plane that favored dry ginger digestive biscuits over the benefits conferred by cakes.

      Highly recommended for traveling, or any other time. Just make sure that you have something at hand to ease the hunger pains guaranteed to strike early on.”

      I did like Trish a lot.

  3. Hey Chicken Lady, welcome back. How was London? Thank you for the rv and for posting it to Amazon. Yes, we can’t help liking Trish too. She certainly is a survivor – “Believe it, achieve it”!

    1. London was terrific. We saw “Comedy of Errors” at the Globe, and an all-female “Henry IV” at Donmar (many things going on there, some of which worked worked beautifully and others . . ), plus getting to Statford-on-Avon, Oxford, and Bath. Got plenty of time on the English trains and tubes, and more than planned on the buses. Got to Covent Garden, and walked past a dozen hookah cafes across from Harrod’s that weren’t there three years ago. Just got a new computer today, and hope to have all of the accounts and photos posted to my blog in the next couple of weeks. We’re thinking about Australia next, but that might be a year or so.

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