Sunday Flash: As he fell


As he fell, Ezrael was saying over and over, ‘Fool, fool, fool!’ Fool to have stood up to the Great I-Am, fool to have refused to join the choir, triple fool the way he’d done it, stretching out his wings with a yawn. ‘Sorry, Sir, I’ve just washed my wings.’

His shoulders ached where the Great-I-Am had, with one blow of his terrible right hand, struck the wings off. How odd it felt to be flying without them. How to stop this downward rushing through the air? He stretched out his arms – nothing. He felt the damp mist of the clouds wrap around him, sticking his robe to his body, bringing tears to his open eyes as it flew past, and then he was through and the green and brown squares of Earth came into view, slowly rolling sideways. Then it struck him. Without wings, there was no way to get back up. This was it, forever. Something thumped and flashed inside his chest and his head and he shut his eyes against it. ‘No,’ he said, and the wind whipped the word away. ‘I won’t give in. I won’t lie down.’ Earth was rushing closer. Once he landed, then he could think clearly. They were an angry lot down here. He saw himself at the head of a raging mob, taking on the Great I-Am, flaming sword in hand. He saw small_4544827697





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