For tanka lovers



Our readers who are into tanka may be interested in this site, especially now that Allegra Wong will  not be conducting her tanka workshop in December. Here’s what it offers:

What is Tanka?
About Tanka and Its History
   by Amelia Fielden
From the Man’yoshu to Contemporary Tanka
   by Mariko Kitakubo

Learn to Write Tanka
A Quick Start Guide to Writing Tanka
   by Jeanne Emrich
Notes on Form, Techniques, and Subject Matter
   by Michael McClintock
A Tanka Repair Kit
   by Jeanne Emrich
My Tanka Path
   by Tom Clausen
Distilling Experience
   by Maggie Chula
Tanka as Diary
   by Amelia Fielden

Learn by Example

Tanka Diary Style
Travel Tanka
Tanka as Personal Reflection
Writing in a Persona
Tanka of Allusion
Tanka as Elegy or Banka
Tanka Inspired by a Poem
Minimalist Tanka


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