Sunday poem: The Best Australian Poems 2014


The Best Australian Poems 2014 is out. The big names are there – Les Murray David Malouf, Robert Adamson, Kevin Hart, Clive James– as well as a host of others, one of whom is the Joan half of Gert. Here’s her poem:

11 things I know about my father

There are snakes in our fernery

my mother says

it should be pulled down

but my father has no common sense

I have learned this early

the house is falling down

around our ears my mother says

while my father stands over the stove

stirring a pot of soup

and whistling sadly

there are rats in the shed

among the knee-deep

piles of sawdust and the

lengths of wood and boxes

of dried paint and leaking oil

he stands among the rats

making chess sets

while the back door flaps

off its hinges and the

bathroom floor rots

he is famous

for being clever

dogs love him


he can speak Latin

we must not upset him



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4 thoughts on “Sunday poem: The Best Australian Poems 2014

  1. This is our third time in Best Aust. but not since 2006. Haven’t been writing many poems in the last few years but every now and then one turns up. There are quite a few haiku lying round though between the two of us so we’ve been talking about putting them up here. Maybe some haibun and tanka, who knows? Are you publishing any of your haibun from the course? Feel like sending any our way?

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