Guardian First Book Award shortlist

5b122a40-4763-413f-940d-d9706a1fc51a-262x420Do Not Harm. BookThe Night Guest. BookAge of Ambition. BookThings To Make Or Break. Book

Fiona McFarlane’s The Night Guest has made it on to the shortlist of 5 for the Guardian First Book Award.  (Matthew Thomas’ We Are Not Ourselves, which we reviewed here, missed out). No, we aren’t Fiona McFarlane’s agents – it’s just a very good book. You can read Fiona’s own comments about the book here, for a much-needed balance to the peculiar Sydney Morning Herald piece we linked to in our Barbara Jefferis post.

The other books are:

Colin Barrett: Young Skins (short stories)

Henry Marsh: Do No Harm ( a neurosurgeon’s life)

Evan Osmos: Age of Ambition (reportage about China)

May-Lan Tan: Things to make and break (short stories)

The winner will be announced on November 26th. Any bets?

3 thoughts on “Guardian First Book Award shortlist

  1. It depends on the group. It’s a book that could read in a rather dismissive way if read too literally. But the recurring image of the tiger is a very rich one and the book has many layers for those open to them. A good one if your group has writers in it, yes.

  2. Many thanks. It may well suit my group, but I’m also involved with the local library and we’re often asked about suitability for book groups. It’s useful to know as readers may be looking at it, especially if they’ve seen the Guardian piece.

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