Sunday poem

Microsoft Word - 3_poems.doc

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This poem first appeared in Journal of Compressed Creative Arts                                            


8 thoughts on “Sunday poem

  1. This cute 3poems does look more interesting here with colour than in version without in recent Australian Poetry Anthology.

  2. I read this Sunday poem several days ago, and have been carrying it around with me. It’s very beautiful, and the translations are intriguing. Are readers meant to fill in the gaps, i wonder? Anything French has a special poignancy today. Lisa Hill just posted Paul Eluard’s ‘Liberte’ on her blog, which is very timely.

    1. I like to think it just floats on the edges of translation. As Maurice commented above, the version in the Aus Poetry Anthology doesn’t have the pale grey panels, and I think that’s a large part of its charm. I like the idea of your “carrying it round” with you – that’s exactly the effect I’d like.

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