Best weasel words of 2014

A Grey Nurse Shark (Carcharias taurus). Fish Rock Cave, South West Rocks, NSW

Dangerous aquatic organism

dangerous aquatic organism  – shark

rapid disassembly of an airbag  – explosion of airbag

keeping our device strategy within an appropriate financial envelope – firing people

inversion conditions causing a reversion in air quality – an open-cut coal mine on fire belching out toxic fumes

efficiency dividend –  funding cut

And the former politician Amanda Vanstone hits the jackpot for mixed metaphor of the year:

Let’s fix our roof while the sun is shining because we’re on a course to hit the rocks and we have to fix it.

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10 thoughts on “Best weasel words of 2014

    1. Be our guest. You’ll find more in the linked article. Nice to know you are maximising opportunity to incentivise open-ended options for the faciliation of individual engagement with linguistic entrepreneurism.

  1. You’ll have to read our next book, “The Art of the Possible”, when it comes out. It’s full of political and bureaucratic mumbo jumbo and we didn’t even have to make it up (not that bit, anyway).

  2. You’ll probably have to wait till the end of the year for the tale of Frank Owlbrother the Norse-saga loving doctor with his magic glasses and his heroic steed Hrafni, Prime Minister Flattley and his wonder youth drug, and the transformation of a sensible secretary into the crocodile-wrestling star of a reality TV show.

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