gd journal: Egoiste!


In the morning we mingled with the crowds in the Palais des Papes, a vast stone edifice. There were nice 14th Century frescoes, but we were more taken by the Pope’s bedroom, walls and floors adorned with hand made Provencal tiles in marvellous colours: olive green, brown and yellow ochre and a quite predominant pale sea-green.

We left after a while and wandered through the lanes in search of confiseries. One beggar I walked past called to me, ‘Egoiste. Voila!’ with the greatest feeling.

We took our lunch, as recommended by Alain, in Rue Jules Vernet at La Comptoir des Compagnes, in a cloister as he said. We had lunch in a formal gravelled garden surrounded by the cloister. We had seafood pasta and caesar salad, with delicious little extras. A small glass of tapenade with a tiny herb muffin on top, dark olive bread rolls, a yellowish gazpacho and at the end of the meal, a delicious surprise, a shot glass of chocolate mousse.

Avignon 2006, from Gabrielle’s journals.

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