Of handsome men and teeth


Gert has an instinctive dislike of handsome men.

Perhaps this is because she comes from a long line of women, on both sides of the family, who believe that men are just big children who need to be firmly managed to keep them from stupid behaviour. But handsome men exert a lot of power in public opinion, and this gives them ideas above their station. It’s not the same for good-looking women, who are approved of, but not respected. And of course that approval depends on their appearance being pleasing to men. The power remains with the men.

So when Gert recently visited a new doctor and saw from a distance that he appeared to be a handsome man – tall, athletic, and with the glowing pinky-brown complexion of the super-fit – she was on the defensive. Much to her delight, when she got closer and he began to smile and speak, she saw that he had a flaw: his teeth stuck out in a slightly goofy way. Was it the goofy teeth that made her like him? He seemed guileless, warm, enthusiastic in a charmingly boyish way. Now here’s the question: was he like that because his teeth stuck out? If he’d had his teeth fixed as a child, would he have developed a different sort of ego? Or did she just think he was like that because his teeth stuck out? Perhaps underneath it he has the entitled ego of the handsome man.

Does anyone else but Gert waste time on such idle speculations?

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8070463@N03/5803945675

4 thoughts on “Of handsome men and teeth

  1. Oh Gert, you should see my husband. His picture is on his book. Why don’t you write a review of his book? It’s called Memoirs of a Hayseed Physicist by Peter Martel. Google it and you can see his face.

  2. Now I have to be very careful how I handle this. Do I say, he’s very handsome therefore I dislike him? Or do I say he isn’t, and therefore offend you (and him)? Perhaps I can get round it by saying the picture doesn’t resolve the teeth question….
    Whichever way, he and his book certainly look and sound very interesting.

  3. How strange that you remember that (do you have crooked teeth, perhaps?) And what a Weldonish thing to say.
    Should I risk unleashing a storm of hate mail by making slighting remarks about David Tennant’s teeth?

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