“The blood is the life!” Coming soon to a pharmacy near you….


And you won’t even have to spend your days lying in a coffin.

Norman Swan:   Another way of rejuvenating the ageing brain may one day be a transfusion of goodies from a young person’s blood. Research at the University of California San Francisco has found that young blood can reverse the effects of ageing on the brain.

Yes, it’s hats off and humble apologies to Dracula. This research has shown that synaptic transmission can be improved and new  neuronal growth stimulated in old mice by an infusion of plasma from young mice. (Don’t try this at home).

You can listen, or read the transcript of the interview on the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s terrific Health Report, hosted by the mellifluous Scot Dr Norman Swan, here:


and for readers of a certain age who aren’t quite ready to go down the Dracula path, here’s some more exciting research about the use of ultrasound to destroy amyloid plaque, and restore memory function,  in the brains of mice:


Image: pixabay.com/en/vampire-dracula-canine-ferocius-311325/


6 thoughts on ““The blood is the life!” Coming soon to a pharmacy near you….

  1. Interesting piece on the potential value of ultrasound. A friend has a connection to the Alzheimer’s Society here in the UK, so I’ll pass it on it. Thanks for posting this.

    1. There’s some really good work being done in this country on dementia.
      They’re going to try to try the technique on sheep next- some unkind people would say there’s not much chance of improving a sheep’s cognition.

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