Landmarks of the spirit



Books, like landscapes, leave their marks in us. 

Sometimes these traces are so faint as to be imperceptible – tiny shifts in the weather of the spirit that do not register on the usual instruments.   Mostly these marks are temporary: we close a book, and for the next hour or two the world seems oddly brighter at its edges; or we are moved to a kindness or a meanness that would otherwise have gone unexpressed.  Certain books, though, like certain landscapes, stay with us even when we have left them, changing not just our weathers but our climates. 

Robert Macfarlane  Landmarks, Hamish Hamilton 2015, p 12

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4 thoughts on “Landmarks of the spirit

  1. Such a beautiful quote. I must get around to reading Robert Macfalane at some point, I’m sure I’d enjoy his work. Kathleen Jamie is another one…so many books, so little time.

  2. It’s a book to have by the bed and keep dipping into, especially if you live in the UK.
    I’m a big Jamie fan, too. Do you know her poem “Pass the tambourine, let me bash out praises”?

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