Pranks, buffoonery and bioelectronics: the Dada life


Regular readers will know that Gert’s in favour of pranks and buffoonery –  whatever’s fickle, freckled, who knows how, in human behaviour (with apologies to Gerard Manly Hopkins) and so of course everything Dada appeals to her. But is it advisable to lead a Dada life? Andrei Codrescu considers…

It is not advisable, nor was it ever, to lead a Dada life. It is and it was always foolish and self-destructive to lead a Dada life because a Dada life will include by definition pranks, buffoonery, masking, deranged senses, intoxication, sabotage, taboo-breaking, playing childish and/or dangerous games, waking up dead gods and not taking education seriously.

On the other hand –

If you have any doubt as to whether you are posthuman or merely human, take a look at the following parts of your body: the city, the house, the car, the iPhone, the laptop, the iPod, the pillbox, the nonflesh surround. If sixty percent of your body is now electronic or bioelectronics, living space designed for efficiency, you will need Dada as a corrective to what will certainly be the loss of the modicum of liberty you still possess.

Andrei Codrescu: The Posthuman Dada Guide (Princeton University Press 2009) p 1-3.


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