Men to avoid



Gert’s newspaper has printed an insightful piece by Wendy L. Patrick listing “the red flags that signal you should get out of a relationship – fast”.

Here they are: your man is cold, unempathetic, secretive, distant and promiscuous. At the risk of dissing Wendy L. Patrick, Gert’s response was, “Tell me something I don’t know”.

Here’s Gert’s personal gallery, from bitter personal experience, of men you should avoid. Do you recognise any of them?


3167113656_3d0aae8120_o      3167115188_4033104e39_o12938229014_0f817eaa5e_o                                     2715254562_400cdfecc0_o


MrMicawber                                 09a-L

5 thoughts on “Men to avoid

  1. Well Gert, you have that one nailed down pretty good! Ha, ha, ha. (the clown, the run about, the con man, the bully, the dandy and the royal pain.)

    1. Oh, very clever, Leslie! We hadn’t thought about it in those terms but you are absolutely right. I especially like the royal pain. And a couple of other possibilities for the two guys in number 3 – the braggart and the sanctimonious.

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