Things Gert hears


Gert heard part of a tantalising conversation in the street the other day.  A woman walking by and talking on the phone said, “He doesn’t like any of the things I like.  He doesn’t like drugs….”

and then she was out of earshot.  Gert wanted to run after her to hear more. What else doesn’t he like? Kinky sex?   The National Front?   Deep-fried Mars Bars?  Bearbaiting?

A subject for a short story, surely.  Even a novel. Writers, feel free to use it.






9 thoughts on “Things Gert hears

  1. Here’s another from Washington Street Toorak. A VW with a back door open was moving slowly down the road. A man was driving. A woman was clinging to the outside, feet just in the open door, hands clutching the door and roof. A plaintiff voice cried “You promised me I could go home!”

  2. People are remarkably candid about what they say on their cell phones. It’s as though they think they’re in their own soundproof kiosk. Reminds me of people I see picking their noses in the car next to me.

    1. Yes, it’s strange. as if holding the phone so close turns you inward and you’re oblivious to the external world. It was very soothing when I was in Japan to see how different their phone etiquette is – they don’t use them at all on trains and in the street they step aside and talk very quietly. Civilised!

  3. Oh yes, lots of fodder there. I recently heard a young man on a train tell his ‘beloved’ in no uncertain terms why he was not going to marry her over the phone. Call me oldfashioned, but I kind of thought it would have been more sensitive to have that conversation face to face rrather than in earshot of a crowded carriage. Ah the younger generation are not so big on face to face, unless it’s on Facetime of course.

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