The Guardian’s Not the Booker


Just in case you need any more books to add to your to-be-read pile, here is the result of  The Guardian‘s Not The Booker poll:

From a total of 1000 votes:

80 votes – Kirstin Innes – Fishnet (Freight Books) –  about a missing sister who was a prostitute

74 votes – Kat Gordon – The Artificial Anatomy of Parks (Legend Press) Family drama

70 votes – Oliver Langmead – Dark Star (Unsung Stories) Verse noir

63 votes – Paul McVeigh – The Good Son (Salt) biographical, Northern Ireland, the Troubles

61 votes – Tasha Kavanagh – Things We Have in Common (Canongate) YA: a 15-year-old girl  loser with a crush on a popular girl who may be in danger

58 votes: Melanie Finn – Shame (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) set in Africa, a soul in torment.

We do wonder a bit about the  point of this exercise. Not to cast aspersions on the listed books, but nothing would be easier for an enterprising publisher than to round up friends, relatives and all the local cats and dogs to cast a vote.  And it’s interesting that they came from  a longlist of 70 that contained names like Claire Fuller, Sarah Hall, Aleksandar Hemon, Marilynne Robinson, and quite a few other big names.






8 thoughts on “The Guardian’s Not the Booker

  1. I think book prizes are a load of old bollocks. Nice if you win and get the moolah I suppose, but these things always seem so ‘closed’ to begin with. Gatekeepers and wot not.

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