The Running of the Wieners


Pamplona has the Running of the Bulls, Melbourne has the Running of the Wieners. Yesterday, September 19th, saw the inaugural Running of the Wieners in central Melbourne, with more than 50 dachsunds, some dressed as dressed as ballerinas, bikies and surf lifesavers, competing for the title of fastest sausage dog. And, unlike Pamplona, no testosterone-charged youths leapt out to outrun the dachsies and there were no fatalities. Just as much fun as Melbourne’s other major sporting event, the Formula 1 Grand Prix but much cheaper, quieter and far less smelly. As with the Grand Prix, hotels will be booked out well in advance for the event next year, so get in now with your bookings. And if you have a dachsund, get him in training.

13 thoughts on “The Running of the Wieners

      1. It sounds like a lot of fun. My husband doesn’t tolerate travel very well now so I doubt we’ll be able to make it. However, I’ll be there in spirit.

            1. It’s one of the great disadvantages of living here. I loathe those long flights but one of these days I’m definitely coming to Canada. Speaking of which, have you heard that we’ve got rid of our fool of a Prime Minister, the one who admired Stephen Harper so much?

              1. Well come and see us for sure if you do come to Canada. We have a guest room too.
                Yes, I did hear about your Prime Minister. We are about to chuck out Harper, if all goes well. You heard about all those refugees ? Well they are leaving because of all the bombing. Guess who’s doing all that bombing? Harper!!!!!

                1. Oh, we’re doing our bit too in the bombing! Ousted Prime Minister Abbott loved nothing so much as a press conference surrounded by about 50 Australian flags and a bevy of officials so weighed down with medals they looked like something out of a Gilbert & Sullivan opera.

    1. I must admit it came out of the blue and so I didn’t have time to study the form. I have a lot to learn about the breeding and training of speedy dachsunds, but I’ll certainly apply myself during the year.

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