Corset shmorset: Sally is as mad as hell


Gert has had a lot on her mind recently. In particular, she’s been asking herself,
“What’s the difference between a waist-cincher and a corset?”

Next she began to wonder,
“Should I sleep in my steel-boned corset?”

And to top it all off, a worried friend asked,
“Are you bothered by back-bulge?”

These seemed quite reasonable womanly preoccupations, so Gert was startled to get this impassioned message from her correspondent Sally46:

It is hard to believe in this time of our history, given the fight for women to have rights to vote, own property and consider that they are equal to men in their own right and do not have to please the male of the species, that we find ads for women to buy spandex body shapers and/or waist bands that give one reputedly the desired hourglass figure. For whom, one may ask? And to think some of us were deluded by feminist writing in the 60’s to think throwing away our bras and having as much sex as we wanted would magically give an equal standing to the genders. Was it for this that Emmeline Pankhurst and the supporters of the Suffragette cause fought long and hard without regard for their safety for women to stand tall and claim their worth?

Oof! A blow to the corseted midriff. Is Sally right? Should Gert put her corsets on Ebay immediately?

And by the way, what would Mrs Pankhurst think of the fact that there’s only one woman (Emma Sky, The Unravelling) on the shortlist of 12 for this year’s Samuel Johnson non-fiction prize?

6 thoughts on “Corset shmorset: Sally is as mad as hell

  1. Gert, thank you for choosing to put up my mad as hell post to inform women in general that the issue of “corseting” never seems to die. Emmeline and I thank you.

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