Yes, you can get a Fitbark for your dog:

FitBark monitors your dog’s everyday activity and sleep and turns it into BarkPoints. Even if your dog rushes to the gate to meet you, a glance at the Fitbark (in a range of colours to suit “every waggin’ personality”) will tell you if it’s really been lolling on the sofa all day. In fact, you can monitor it remotely. Unfortunately, this probably means that you, as well as the dog, have to take an even longer walk that evening to get its recommended Barkpoints up. As far as I can see they haven’t yet developed an app that will remind the dog to leap up and do some physical jerks if it’s been sitting too long.

Strange as it may seem, Gert has been pondering just such a device for her cat Celie. “Fitsquawk” is what she’s thinking of calling it. Will she manage to turn this

into this? What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Fitsquawk

    1. She isn’t the most adaptable of cats. We just tried turning her bed around the other way because it was sagging where she puts all her weight, and she wouldn’t go anywhere near it. So I don’t like my chances of fitting her with a Fitsquawk.

  1. Someone will develop the idea of adding some kind of electric prod. Something that provides a sharp reminder to get up and do something. And as for cats – well unless it’s 2am they seem quite content as they are. One thing they don’t suffer from is insomnia although they do have their moments when they seem to have been plucked into a socket.

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