The Art of the Possible

As suggested by Guy of His Futile Preoccupations, here are 3 versions of the cover of our new book.  Our brief to Lisa* was:

Our hero Frank is a mild-mannered doctor who secretly identifies with Norse heroes. He is up against a feral group of Oldies who are trying to take control of the government. In the course of the book he gets super-fit and takes up free running. Small dancing Pomeranian dogs also feature in this story.
As always, we want the cover to make it clear that this is comedy. It should have a kind of devil-may-care flair to it.

Which one do you like?

*Lisa Reidy

10 thoughts on “The Art of the Possible

    1. Interestingly, no 2, which is the one most people have chosen, was the first one Lisa came up with. We asked her to play round with a variant without guns and with the little dog. But it’s true that no 2 does convey the conflicts Frank faces, while 3 is much more peaceful.

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