Banville again (and again and again)


Gert allowed herself a vinegary smirk of satisfaction when she read this in the LRB recently:

‘Have I said all that before?’ the narrator of The Blue Guitar asks towards the end of the novel. ‘Nowadays it all feels like repetition.’ At this point in John Banville’s distinguished career it’s hard to ignore a sense that old ground is being worked over, again and again…. Banville is still capable of writing well….But, in general, his prose seems if not quite self-parodic then tending towards self-karaoke.

Theo Tait Belfryful of Bells   LRB vol 37 no 23 19 November 2015 p. 33

Our sentiments exactly, as you’ll see if you check out our post on The Blue Guitar. And what a nice expression , “self-karaoke”.



3 thoughts on “Banville again (and again and again)

    1. It does seem to go to writers’ heads when their style is constantly lauded. I keep thinking of John Gielgud’s “beautiful voice” that became almost a joke later in his life.

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