Willyum Barrnes

cat-194858_1280Our recent meanderings among cattish literature reminded us of this quaint dialect poem by Willyum Barrnes (1801-1886). It must, of course, be read aloud with a strong West Country burr (or purr).


Cats coom mawwin’, cats coom cwarrlin’

Cats swiefterr t’an t’e wiend

Feitless, troutless, suboordinat are t’ey

ter nouwwun


In t’err beds t’ey hoide t’err foory

oonder t’err yellow oiyes

play as if tame annimuls t’ey werr

an’ wink, an’ grool, an’ purrr,

play as if t’wert troosty

boot t’err bain’t.

Image:  https://pixabay.com/en/cat-siberian-portrait-cat-s-eye-194858/

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