A Christmas Carol

6833568191_c62dd3d272_bOnce upon a time there was a little boy called Tim who had everything a boy could wish for. His father was CEO of the biggest armaments manufacturing firm in the developed world and his mother had an aircraft hangar for her hats. He had a share portfolio, a property trust and a Swiss bank account. He had French lessons from Jonny Hallyday and bike-riding lessons from Lance Armstrong.

 In spite of all his blessings, Tim was a kind-hearted boy. His father blamed this on his mother’s family and there were many arguments about it, but his mother thought it was quite cute and not too worrying in a small boy. One day at school Tim’s teacher read the story of Tiny Tim and Scrooge. Tim was so impressed that as soon as he got home he packed up his remote-controlled Harrier Jump Jet and took it down to the supermarket, where there was a collection point for Xmas presents for underprivileged children. But as luck would have it, that very weekend his father’s friend Fordyce visited with his son Egbert. When Tim’s father said, ‘Show Egbert your Jump Jet,’ he had to admit he’d given it away.

 Naturally Tim’s father was furious. Even though he got his PA to ring the supermarket and threaten them with legal action, so the Jump Jet was returned, he went on and on about it until Tim’s mother said, ‘Oh, all right then, I’ll send him to a psychologist and get him fixed.’

 ‘About time,’ said Tim’s father. ‘I know just the man.’

 As always, it was nothing but the best for Tim’s father. The man he chose was the psychologist he used for his executive training programme, and author of a best-selling book called ‘Yours For The Taking’. He found Tim a puzzling boy. He had to admit he’d never seen a case like it…

To be continued when we work out what’s going to happen. Any ideas?


Image:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/35846671@N00/6833568191


15 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol

  1. This sounds like the beginning of a new Gert Loveday book! As to the psychologist, well the wonderful Tomas Transtromer was one of those, so your psychologist could be a poet too. He could have a second life in conflict with his corporate image?? A further development could be that Tim’s father falls and breaks his arm…

    1. Now this is taking personal identification a bit too far, Dorothy, grafting your love for Transtromer and your broken arm onto our storyline. I suppose we can only be glad you’re not a devotee of Donald Trump and that you weren’t savaged by raging wombats.
      In fact there’s a little girl in our next book who comes from a similarly privileged background, but she’s more than a match for her parents. There’s a psychologist too, but of a very different kind.

  2. My partner, Paul, was savaged by a raging wombat while he was volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary. There’s no doubt in my mind that Tim’s father needs a life-changing experience, and physical injury may well be the way to go.

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