Last-minute Xmas presents

Here are some ideas for that hard-to-buy-for person:


For your cat:  Perfect for snuggling into, this lush and cosy house-themed bed comes with a grass-like mat, which can be set up as a front yard or tucked inside.




a board game you can play with your dog:woofbox1200x1200


or how about a calendar in which Russian Orthodox priests pose with their cats?


19 thoughts on “Last-minute Xmas presents

  1. Just for you, Chicken Lady, a late addition to the gift list we’ve just come across, “A Barrel of Monkeys” by Samuel Fanous with illustrations by Thomas Bewick (a dazzle of zebras,a skulk of foxes, a bloat of hippotamuses).

    1. My apologies! I see your point. It’s what comes of living in the wilds of Alaska, where the moose and bears wander around in our front yards and nobody takes the time to properly supervise them in their appropriate realms. You are absolutely correct.

    1. Too true! Well, the kids will appreciate the Samuel Fanous book greatly, and I still have time to get it to them before Christmas. I hope that they have the information that a group of bears is called a sleuth, so we will know how to greet them properly.

    1. You’ve never spoken of your darling little kitty so we assume you haven’t got one. But we imagine you have a bloodhound that lays its mournful muzzle across your knees as you read. The game would brighten up his life but take time away from your reading. Everyone needs a Russian priest calendar, and the cat element would add a frisson for your dog so we think we’ll go for that. The Dali Alice would only get lost on your dusty sagging shelves.

    1. Since you mentioned your tortoise I’ve been looking for this Luke Davies poem because I wrongly remembered it mentioned a tortoise. It was a turtle. But anyway, and even though you aren’t into poetry:

      Sunlight floods the apartment. The turtle dozes by the window,
      more solemn than a thousand cats. You lie down,
      place her on your chest. For two hours she stares at you
      and feels your heart move her shell.

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