And Other Stories

Just in case you needed any more temptation, here’s an interesting press we came across recently:

And Other Stories is a small independent publishing house that describes itself as  a literary publishing house that works on the principle that great new books will be heard about and read thanks to the combined intelligence of a number of people: editors, readers, translators, critics, literary promoters and academics. They encourage subscribers and follow up on readers’ suggestions to find new works. They publish 10-12 books a year, and seem particularly interested in translations, though they do publish works written in English, such as Deborah Levy’s Blood Vodka.  These titles caught our eye:

Rodrigo de Souza Leaõ’s All Dogs Are Blue, described as  a fiery and scurrilously funny tale of life in a Rio de Janeiro insane asylum.

Juan Pablo Villalobos Quesadillas. This, says The Guardian, is  a high-keyed domestic comedy [which] is enjoyable for its own sake, but provides cover for a satirical assault on the mendacity of Mexican politics.

Ampersand, their Tumblr blog, is at



6 thoughts on “And Other Stories

    1. I am just starting a required class in translation at Antioch — its purpose is to get writers to think about how language works by translating from a variety of sources, mostly from languages that the students are not so likely to know (although we did start with a Spanish piece, and almost everyone in the 28-person class has some Spanish-language background). This press looks like it will be of great interest to people at Antioch, so I shared the link to the site with my classmates. Thanks!

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