The secret of eternal youth


Gert noticed this in the window of a large store, right by the cosmetics department. Is it a cunning plan to make you laugh more so you’ll need more cosmetics to cover up your wrinkles?

And in one of those lovely coincidences that keep coming along if you read enough, we’ve just found this contradictory piece of information in Tiffany Watt Smith’s The Book Of Human Emotions (of which more in a later post):
the thirteenth-century physician and alchemist Roger Bacon argued that getting frequently infuriated could slow the ageing process thought [to be] caused by the body becoming cooler and drier as it neared death. Anger, then, rather than the latest diet fads and expensive creams was thought to give that zest for life and youthful glow coveted as much then as it is today.(21)

Hmm. Gert’s going to play it safe: plenty of laughs mixed with frequent outbursts of rage.

8 thoughts on “The secret of eternal youth

  1. There’s plenty of stuff to be righteously indignant about these days, and often enough, these are the same things that are worth a goodly amount of uproarious laughter. This is at least true for those of us sitting through the Republican primaries in the US (although a certain amount of terror underlies it all — one of these people will most likely be the nominee).

    1. In Australia we are watching the Republican trainwreck with fascinated disbelief. It’s beyond incredible that a person like Trump could be doing so well, and that a person like Cruz could be made to look almost respectable by contrast. I think if I were American I wouldn’t find much to laugh about – but plenty of scope for outbursts of rage.

  2. The American political arena is down right frightening. The US wields so much power that can literally unbalance the whole world. I think we all should be able to vote in the US election.
    Now on the other front, I’d rather laugh than rage and to heck with the aging process.

    1. We are always glad to know that others sympathize with our plight — but agree that the US presence in the world means that it’s frightening for those of you who have to wait it out without being able to make a difference.

      Laugh, not rage,
      To heck with age —

      You could go somewhere with that couplet.

  3. So much talent, energy and wealth, but the US seems to have completely lost its way. It’s like an object lesson in the human race destroying itself through greed, selfishness and stupidity.
    Leslie, looking forward to that song.

      1. I hope you’re right about Hillary, Chicken Lady. I’ve always found the Americans I know personally to be fine people but the picture we get of the nation as a whole is not flattering. It’s the same for Aus – our reputation is for being loudmouthed yokels and there are plenty of them but in the mix quite a few smart and thoughtful people. This Trump business though shows up very clearly the cultural differences between Aus and the US. Here he might get some initial attention and approval from aforesaid yokels, but he would be mocked out of existence quite quickly.

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