Assignment 1 in Gert’s Politics Course: Votes and confetti


Since this is an election year in both Australia and the US, it’s time to introduce the first assignment in the Politics Course of Loveday Private University™. Gert’s courses have no required reading; you can read whatever you like, or nothing at all and rely on confident ignorance. For efficiency purposes essays are limited to 50 words. All assignments will gain credit points towards a final degree from Loveday Private University™. An excellent feature of a degree from LPU is that you can give the degree any name you want: Aeronautical Engineering, Postmodern Philosophy, Nursing, Physical Education……. not for nothing is the LPU motto Infinite possibility.

Assignment 1:

To reason with the  average politician unless you also vote against him is like throwing confetti at a rhinoceros.


Daniel Mannix, firebrand  Archbishop of Melbourne for 50 years (1913-1963) quoted in Brenda Niall, Mannix  (Text 2015) 72.

7 thoughts on “Assignment 1 in Gert’s Politics Course: Votes and confetti

    1. I don’t think that’s going to happen here. Everyone is so relieved to have got rid of the idiotic Tony Abbott (his own party dumped him as PM because they could see they were headed for massive defeat) that his successor, Malcolm Turnbull, has shot to stratospheric popularity on the grounds that he can walk and chew gum at the same time. And the leader of the other main party, Labor, is pretty unimpressive.

      Now get on with your assignment, Leslie. I’m expecting great things from you.

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