Cute kittens, fluffy puppies and Kim Kardashian


Just joking! The real topic of this post is hydraulic boring, but a recent conversation on calmgrove’s blog about the importance of search engine optimization for attracting traffic to your blog has reminded Gert how important it is to have a catchy headline. Now tell the truth – would you have rushed to read a post entitled

Fractional-Order PID Control Of Hydraulic Thrust System for Tunneling Boring Machine?

Perhaps not.  But now that you have looked at this post you’ll be grateful to Gert for introducing you to an entirely new world. Did you know that

The goal of the hydraulic control system is to achieve straight forward curve forward attitude control….?

Have you even considered the possibility that a double shield tunneling system can be applied when the surrounding rock mass has an autostability and can withstand the pressure of the gripper system?

We bet you haven’t until now. And we bet that Gert’s is the first literary blog to discuss hydraulic boring machines. Thanks, cute kitties, fluffy puppies and  Kim Kardashian!

And all right, let’s admit, this is all by way of publicity for Gert’s latest blockbuster Hydraulic Boring Machine, in which two young mining engineers (think Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio) wage a life-and-death struggle to win the contract for boring machines for a mining company run by the beautiful, ruthless Desire (Megan Fox).

You can read the full article at

Images:wikimedia commons

10 thoughts on “Cute kittens, fluffy puppies and Kim Kardashian

        1. Hmm, Leslie and Guy, I’m not so sure about “Love Tunnelling”… What about DRILL? There seems to be a fashion for 1-word film titles in capital letters. And maybe Sarah Palin would get behind it.

              1. She has said that she wants to be Secretary of Energy, because Alaska, right? And Trump seems willing to make her that (at least for campaign purposes). She says that her goal is to abolish it and turn regulation over to the states. It’s a better gig than VP, because if you’re VP people expect you to stay that for four whole years. But if you’re a secretary of something, you are much freer to come and go.

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