Meow Meow


This image of Meow Meow is taken from her webpage

Go there to see her upcoming performances, including Perth, Auckland and Toronto, and keep your eye out for her in the UK, the US and in Europe.

Gert has just seen “The Little Mermaid”, the latest show of her favourite wicked woman who sings (in dolphin, too, in this show), dances, does acrobatic feats, clowns and makes you think, in a performance she describes as “kamikaze cabaret”. It’s an accident-prone riff on the story of the little mermaid who sacrifices her tongue for atrociously painful legs so that she can win the love of the handsome prince, who does the dirty on her in the end in any case.

Behind the tumbling black curls, the tarantula eyelashes and impossibly pneumatic boobs, the purrs, growls and dolphin-singing, is the ferociously clever Australian Melissa Madden Gray. Her vocal repertoire extends from Brecht and Weill to Schubert and Schumann; she’s performed, under her own name,  with Pina Bausch, David Bowie, Mikel Rouse, the Vonn Trapps, London’s Opera Factory and the cutting-edge Australian ELISION ensemble, and in straight theatre and musicals across the world.

In her spare time she’s also picked up an honours degree in Fine Arts/German and a law degree, which she completed at the same time as she was studying at West Australia’s Academy for the Performing Arts and performing with Opera Factory. A force of nature. Move heaven and earth to see her if she comes your way – and she will.

But this is a polished presentation of the spectacle of failure – a ruse that underlines the necessary collaboration between performer and audience, and creates a shabby frame within which Meow Meow’s exquisite voice can shine all the brighter. Now funny, now fierce, now fragile, she roves from Brecht to Brel to Amanda Palmer via Fiona Apple, Morrissey and original compositions, said The Guardian in this 2014 article, which gives you a very good idea of what you’re in for if you take on this ferocious feline.

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