For sneak’s sake


Can it really be true that people will line up for days to buy a pair of sneakers?

That’s what’s been happening in Sydney and Melbourne, where people have been camping out to secure a pair of Yeezy Boost 350’s (designed by Kanye West*).

Sydney has been allocated just 18 pairs, Melbourne CBD 23 pairs.

As Gert’s grandmother used to say, “They’ve got little to do…”

We have to agree with the Professor of Marketing at Sydney University’s Business School who said,

“I don’t mean this to sound harsh, but if you can spend days waiting in a line, what else do you have in your life?”

Actually this makes an interesting counterpart to our Shoebox post. Do you worry about what kind of sneakers you’re wearing when you’re in a shoebox being repeatedly run over on the motorway?

* “Who gives a f- about Kanye West?”  theNew York performance artist Penny Arcade demanded in her show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. “They’ve hijacked our attention and they’re renting it back to us!”




8 thoughts on “For sneak’s sake

  1. I have a pair of blue suede runners that I bought some ten years ago. They have holes at my baby toes. I love them and won’t give them up. When I wear them beggars give me money and no one offers to polish them. They slip on and off with the greatest of ease. These are the ultimate “blue suede shoes”.

  2. To the ‘bread and circuses’ that the Roman Empire offered the masses our modern society offers … trainers ‘designed’ by Kanye West. Did he really design them? Or did he just rubber-stamp what he was offered by professional designers after a little personal input? We need to know.


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