Diggidy Doggy Day Care in Melbourne is offering Doga classes – yoga you can do with your dog.  Okay, okay, before you start on downward dog, what about these poses?  Can you imagine your dog doing them?

And yes, that is Gert demonstrating the poses.




Dog image:

All others are from Pixabay.


22 thoughts on “Doga

        1. How sweet. I can see the two of you standing on your heads together.
          We’re thinking of writing a book set in academia. There could be a role for a giant tortoise that does yoga.

              1. Yes. He gets bored with holding up the world and goes off to see what the world is like — here are a couple of paragraphs from the middle of the story:

                He walked across Europe, and heard Aesop’s tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. He stopped on the Greek island of Aegina where the people showed him pictures of the turtle on their flags and coins. He saw statues of Aphrodite with her foot on the back of a turtle (fellow did OK for himself, thought Turtle). Then he swam across the Atlantic and found himself at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. Looks a bit like Aphrodite, he thought, but more of an attitude.

                He hauled out of the water at The Battery, and started up Broadway. It wasn’t long before a cab screeched to a halt beside him. A guy jumped out and said, “Dude! We are making a musical and you will be perfect for the title role. Come with me.” Turtle did, and spent the next three months as the star of “Tortoise Toes,” a musical that featured dozens of dancers singing the wildly popular hit, “Slow to love, but toe-tally yours.” Luckily, Turtle didn’t have to dance.

                His adventures nearly ended one night on his way home from the theater when the cab driver suddenly twisted in his seat, and said, “You and me, bud, we’re going to make soup together.” It turned out that the cabbie was a contestant on a reality cooking show, and had to show up the next morning with an exotic meat to cook in front of the audience.

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