Books to change your life

Practical TaxidermyIn Love and Unity: A Book About BrushmakingMole Catching: A Practical Guide by Jeff NichollsTechniques of the Professional Pickpocket

Bored and restless in your humdrum job?  Or just looking for a new hobby to get you away from all that reading? Gert has found some books to inspire you to make that change.  Learn  the techniques of grab and run, the finesse lift, and cutting the pockets to become a successful pickpocket. Wondering how to stuff an owl, fox or badger? Look no further than Practical Taxidermy, while In Love and Unity will tell you more about the craft of brush and broom making through history than you ever wanted to know. As for  Mole Catching, it is, in Gert’s opinion, one of the most comprehensive books on mole-trapping ever written.

If none of these appeal, you could consider becoming a pet food taster, a designer of dog clothes, a rodeo clown or a lipstick namer.  All this and more in the range of books on display at this Abe page:

11 thoughts on “Books to change your life

    1. Teri WOW! and congratulations. This is the real thing, so strong, and showing the arc of a whole region and way of life. I love the fact that you could use the ground of your studies to write this satisfying work. And that last haiku…

      today’s Communion
      wheat rows in slanting light
      of September dusk

      Beautiful.Thanks for the link.

      1. Thanks Gert. Writing is fun and challenging; writing haibuns is humbling and thrilling. I need to write more. Right now, I’m working on a book chapter or two about the differences between the Eleusinian mysteries (which were celebrated for nearly 2,000 years) and Christianity (which has lasted just over 2,000 years). Seems as if that should be good for a haibun or two, but they haven’t manifested yet.

        1. Would be challenging to deal with that subject in the compass of one haibun. You’d
          need a whole book, which is of course quite possible. Love to read it when it’s done.

    1. I can see you as a mole-trapper, Leslie. And you could combine it with taxidermy to add to your range of artistic skills.
      What about amateur archaeology? I read that they have discovered what looks like a second Viking village in Newfoundland.

      1. I clicked the send button before I finished. – Yes I did hear about that Viking village in Newfoundland. I was hoping for a stint in Egypt or Syria. Tunisia was a gold mine with Carthage.

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