Tales from The Owl: The Wind And The Rain


The wind and the rain got into a fight. The wind gave the rain great open-handed cuffs and buffets, trying to drive it back where it came from, and the rain flung gouts and sloshes at the wind, trying to drag it down under its own sodden weight.

Then along came the sun. He was a beefy, easy fellow and he expected everybody to like him. Now, now now, he said in his big round voice, there’s no need for that.

The wind and the rain were both tired and were just about to give up the fight, but when they heard the sun saying Now now now, with a big beefy easy smile on his flat round face they were, quite justly, infuriated. They turned on him in unison, the wind carrying the rain on its broad back, the rain giving heft to the wind, and they battered that flat round face right down over the horizon. When everything was grey again, the wind went skipping off, quite lighthearted, and the rain settled down to a good long snooze in the clouds.

Moral: We need a common enemy to unite us (Condowleezza Rice)

4 thoughts on “Tales from The Owl: The Wind And The Rain

    1. Now now Leslie, you should know better than to believe anything you read here…. But you’re quite right. It’s what they call “foreign policy”.

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