Crafty fitness for cat lovers

Gert’s cat Celie is quite a help when it comes to acting as a sandbag in yoga poses, but Stephanie Jackson’s book on catflexing opened up a world of new possibilities that Gert and Celie are keen to explore (when she comes out from under the bed). And there’s enough fur around this place to make a stuffed Yeti. That reminds us that one of our favourite comic writers, Beachcomber, has a story in which¬† the scoundrel Captain Foulenough runs a high-end store called Maison Katzphur selling coats made from the skins of purloined pussies.

What an entrepreneur’s paradise this world is, especially if you have a cat.


17 thoughts on “Crafty fitness for cat lovers

    1. How on earth do you know these things, Guy? This was fascinating. The Dutch certainly take no prisoners when it comes to hardline protest. It gives us ideas for a book….

  1. Have you ever seen anything about Dogflexing? I think the cat fur would be a little delicate for a coat. You really need a racoon to keep the chill out.

    1. You’d get very strong if you did it with a Great Dane or a St Bernard. Perhaps you start with a Chihuahua and work up.

      In Aus and NZ you can get knitwear made from possum fur. Very warm and soft.

      Do people still wear raccoon coats?

      1. Yes I would definitely start with a Chihuahua.
        I’ve had a couple of racoon coats and they were very warm for a Canadian winter. Fur coats are getting a bad rap here. Too bad because they are very warm.

        1. I wondered if they had the same bad image as mink. I seem to remember that film impresarios used to like to wear them back in the high days of Hollywoood, or maybe that was just a caricature.

          1. My grandmother had a full length mink coat and all the pelts had been caught by her father on their farm. Those days you wore it because it was warm.

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