Crafty fitness for cat lovers

Gert’s cat Celie is quite a help when it comes to acting as a sandbag in yoga poses, but Stephanie Jackson’s book on catflexing opened up a world of new possibilities that Gert and Celie are keen to explore (when she comes out from under the bed). And there’s enough fur around this place to make a stuffed Yeti. That reminds us that one of our favourite comic writers, Beachcomber, has a story in which  the scoundrel Captain Foulenough runs a high-end store called Maison Katzphur selling coats made from the skins of purloined pussies.

What an entrepreneur’s paradise this world is, especially if you have a cat.


17 thoughts on “Crafty fitness for cat lovers

    1. You’d get very strong if you did it with a Great Dane or a St Bernard. Perhaps you start with a Chihuahua and work up.

      In Aus and NZ you can get knitwear made from possum fur. Very warm and soft.

      Do people still wear raccoon coats?


      1. Yes I would definitely start with a Chihuahua.
        I’ve had a couple of racoon coats and they were very warm for a Canadian winter. Fur coats are getting a bad rap here. Too bad because they are very warm.


          1. My grandmother had a full length mink coat and all the pelts had been caught by her father on their farm. Those days you wore it because it was warm.


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