Sunday poem


To a friend giving unwanted advice

You hop about with your five eyes glittering.

You can jump twenty lengths of your body

and so could I, you say, it’s all a matter of will –

my long-legged stridulating friend

I pass the time imagining you sun-dried,

boiled, fried, drenched in lime or flavoured with spices

as they do in Mexico, or served on skewers

in the night market at Duonghamen.




14 thoughts on “Sunday poem

  1. How gruesome! I would certainly not like to be the friend who proffered unwelcome advice. Did you know that locusts are also called ‘flying prawns’ and that there is a push in some quarters for humans to eat more insects, rather than other creatures?

  2. I can remember seeing grasshoppers on at skewer on the back streets of Beijing. The French can make anything taste good. This must be in reference to bad advice?

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