Have you got a Caravaggio in your barn? Or even an Erpenbeck?


In her youth Gert spent some time at the Universita Per Stranieri  in Perugia where she developed a lifelong addiction to Caravaggio, thanks to the Fine Art lecturer. So she was entranced to hear of this painting discovered in a barn in Toulouse that may well be the second version of Judith Beheading Holofernes painted by Caravaggio and missing since the early 17th century. If you have a barn, go out immediately and have a good cleanup. You never know what you might find.

And in an unrelated piece of good news Jenny Erpenbeck’s marvellous The End of Days has been shortlisted for the 2016 International Dublin Literary Award (IMPAC) . She’s up against some heavies like Marlon James and Marilynne Robinson, but we’ll be Caravaggioing with delight if she wins.




12 thoughts on “Have you got a Caravaggio in your barn? Or even an Erpenbeck?

        1. I’m so over him. There has just been an exhibition here with his work alongside Ai Wei Wei and I found I could hardly be bothered looking at the Andy works. I’ve always found his obsession with celebrities (and celebrity) pretty tiresome, even though I can see that he was a genuine original.

        1. We even have one here in Melbourne, “Boy Peeling Fruit”. I saw a lot of them in Rome which is where they really belong, in their sheer cheek and mercilessness.

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