Books for people who have no time to read



Writers love to lampoon publishers, and vice versa.  Here’s a nice parody Gert came across recently:

And we’re going to approach the customer demographically, we’re going to investigate him, examine him, and then we’re going to custom-service him. Consumer-friendly. Custom-tailored. Including the long-term unemployed, the hooligans. What goes for the mass media goes for publishing as well. We can only survive if we treat customers like an equal partner. If we stop haggling over the customer’s head about what is good and what’s not. Everyone can do anything these days. The customer and the writer collaborate. People have no time. No time for the newspaper, no time for books or for TV. We have to take that into account. We have to make books for people who have no time to read.

Arnon Grunberg, Tirza p. 143.


11 thoughts on “Books for people who have no time to read

  1. I love this system:
    “He proposes, and employs, a new set of scholarly abbreviations to go along with op. cit. and ibid.: UB: book unknown to me; SB: book I have skimmed; HB: book I have heard about; and FB: book I have forgotten.”
    And of course my wonderful llibrary has the book. Just requested it – thanks!
    Do you like Wendy Cope’s haiku in the Nicanor Parra post, Teri? I thought it would be just the thing for you.

      1. LOL. I am a terrible reader. I have started the book several times and made no real progress. I also have that work mentioned by you about the prison book club. You are giving me more energy. The discussion on “Alexandrian Summer”will be the subject of my next post. Thanks so much, my friends! 🙂

        1. Looking forward to it. The guys in the Prison Book Club are just amazing, the insights they have. Far far better than any bookgroup we’ve ever been to.

  2. “books for people who have no time to read” now there’s a challenge. How about short stories in a serial style?

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